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Looking Back at 2015 and Ahead at 2016

By Jim Meads, Sain Associates President/CEO How would I describe the current economic climate in relation to civil engineering as 2015 ends and we start 2016? Pretty solid. It’s not what it once was, and we may never see things … Continue reading

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Sain Associates Brand Words: Collaborative

By Jim Meads, P.E., President/CEO and Darren Hamrick, P.E., LEED AP, Leader/Civil Engineering Division Over the last few weeks, our team leaders and principals have explored and discussed our new brand words, trustworthy, experienced and forehanded. This brings us to … Continue reading

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Sain Associates Brand Words: Trustworthy

By Jim Meads, P.E., President/CEO and Dan Mellott, GISP, GIS Team Leader Trustworthy — able to be relied on to do or provide what is needed or right, deserving of trust. As we move forward with our updated branding, “trustworthy” will … Continue reading

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National Recognition Award for Martin Army Community Hospital

We are very proud of our work on the Martin Army Community Hospital at Fort Benning. We’ve been honored to receive Excellence in Construction awards for the project, and we’re excited to add a National Recognition Award to the list. … Continue reading

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Finding Solutions to the Diminished Highway Trust Fund

By Jim Meads, P.E., Sain Associates President/CEO This week is Infrastructure Week, and it could not come at a better time because at the end of May MAP-21, the current transportation funding bill, is set to expire. There’s no question … Continue reading

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What You Won’t Learn in Engineering School

By Jim Meads, Sain Associates President/CEO I really enjoy speaking with students, and over the years I’ve had the opportunity to get to know students at several universities. Most recently, I was invited to speak to the Institute of Transportation … Continue reading

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Ethics in Engineering

By Jim Meads, P.E., President & CEO It may be true that what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas, but when it comes to engineering and ethics, what happens in Alabama doesn’t necessarily stay in Alabama.

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Working with Your Twin Brother

By Jim Meads, President/CEO, and Joe Meads, Sr. Vice President and Director of Business Development We bet you don’t know too many sets of twins, and you probably know even fewer twins who not only work at the same company … Continue reading

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Let’s Have a Discussion about Transportation Funding

By Jim Meads, P.E. Alabama’s highway system includes 11,000 centerline miles of which 905 miles are interstate and 5,745 bridges. In order to expand and keep these thousands of miles safe and operational, transportation funding is crucial. But our system … Continue reading

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The Next 10 Years at Sain Associates

By Jim Meads, P.E., President/CEO and Joe Meads, P.E., Principal/Owner The recent economic recession has reinforced our belief that a leader should be cautious about making bold predictions for the future. There are so many external forces at play in … Continue reading

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