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Could You Go Car-less?

Have you ever thought about going car-less? How would this affect your daily schedule? How would you get around? Several large cities in Europe have set goals to car-free in their urban centers. 

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Tapping Into Half the World’s Brain Power with Women Business Leaders

By Becky White, Sain Associates VP/Organizational Development As Sain Associates’ founder, Hack Sain, used to say in a very blunt manner, “Since half the brain power in the world is inside women’s heads, you’d be stupid not to encourage the … Continue reading

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Sain Associates Brand Words: Forehanded

By Becky White, PTP, Vice President/Organization Development and Alicia Bailey, P.E., Transportation Team Leader Forehanded — mindful of the future, forward-thinking, visionary In recent weeks, we have talked about our new brand words trustworthy and experienced. This week, Becky White … Continue reading

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Sowing Seeds of Hope

By Becky White, Sain Associates VP/Organization Development For many children, summer is a time to play, vacation, go to camp and hopefully have fun, educational experiences. Children everywhere need opportunities for structured play and learning during the summer. Most adults … Continue reading

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Intuition: A Leader’s Quiet Helper

By Becky White, Vice President/Organizational Development Civil engineers are not typically wired to make intuitive decisions. We’re taught to make decisions based on empirical data. While the day to day brain functions associated with engineering may tend to crowd out … Continue reading

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Choosing Your Attitude During Major Life Changes

By Becky White, Vice President and Head of Organization Development Recently, the Stephen Covey concept that you can’t choose the circumstances of your life, but you can choose your attitude about them came up in a Sain Associates Leadership Class. … Continue reading

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First Sain Associates Leadership Retreat Pays Big Dividends

By Becky White, Vice President, Organization Development Sain Associates officers and team leaders were part of our first Leadership Retreat on May 2 and 3 at the Alabama 4-H Center in Columbiana, Alabama. We’ve been doing strategic planning retreats for … Continue reading

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Women in Engineering

By Becky White, Vice President and Head of Organization Development I’m sure many of you saw the recent article from the Birmingham Business Journal titled “Birmingham’s 50 Most Influential Executives.”  Did you notice how many of those individuals were women? Sadly, … Continue reading

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Put On Your Missionary Clothes and Smile

By Becky White Often people ask me, “How did someone as introverted as you get so comfortable with public speaking?”  Actually, it feels quite normal to me since I’ve been put in front of people my whole life. My parents, … Continue reading

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The Power of Mentoring

By Becky White, Sain Vice President/Organization Development and SDITE President When you think of mentoring, what comes to mind? An older senior executive partnering with a young up and comer? This is what most people picture, but experience has taught … Continue reading

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